Judith's Process

As a seasoned artist, Judith understands that where a creation begins is seldom where it finds its final form. Each piece is a metamorphosis, evolving alongside her emotions, intuitions, and the ephemeral inspirations that dance through her mind.

At the beginning of the journey that what will ultimately become a piece of visual art lies a moment of introspection and intention. “I like to reflect on what the most positive thing is that I’ve been feeling that day, or in that very moment. That’s usually my starting point. I’ll just stand and look at the paper and think about my intention for the day. I’ll ask myself: What is the most positive thing I’m feeling today?”

This is where it all begins.

Judith's tools are her cherished companions. An enameling tool (a trusty ally since 1985), letter stencils and a compass are critical to this next phase of the journey. And while Judy's craft is rooted in the visual, she is also a linguist, and a geometrist. Words and shapes are the primary threads that weave her dreamlike scapes.

Scrap paper strewn around her space bears witness to fleeting thoughts – themes, symbols, shapes, or even solitary words. Judy pays attention to whatever calls to her in the moment, and uses her enamel tool to dig each element into the page. While these elements may seem invisible to the naked eye, Judy knows they are there - and in a way, so does the cotton paper she uses. How each element will manifest in the finished piece, however, is yet to be known. Only time will tell.

Sacred geometry, like the Fibonacci Spiral, begins to make an impact on the foundation of the piece. Letters, words, animals and shapes start to dance onto the canvas, landing wherever they may. Ship, Share, rhinos, bison.. Judith digs deep into the page, unearthing hidden narratives, much like an archaeologist exploring history's secrets.

Next, she thoroughly wets the paper with a sponge and then dries it with a hair dryer. This creates a texture that will be most receptive to the colors that are coming next.

Dry pigments, gathered and blended to her satisfaction, join the narrative. She lets colors cascade and collide, inviting serendipity to lead the way. The process involves subtraction as much as addition. Judith wields an eraser, artfully removing fragments to uncover new dimensions. This dance of pushing and pulling, of light receding and revealing, unfolds like an exquisite symphony. Light beams begin to appear by leaving parts untouched.

Storminess, an essence of Cleveland, is an energy Judith harnesses in many of her pieces. As anyone who has lived alongside the shore of a Great Lake knows, finding light within the clouds is critical to survival. Her use of stormy weather imagery mirrors the luminosity hidden within people. She’s a night owl; the tranquility of late nights with the world's hushed serenity invites her mind to settle into creative meditation.

Time becomes fluid, days dissolve into nights, and weeks stretch into months. Each piece evolves in its own tempo, a dialogue between artist and creation.

Until, all at once: a piece of art is born.