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The most important elements I work with are intention and emotion. Inspiration is the answer to the intention and imagination is the propeller of emotion. This is my way of life and how I create a work of art.

Each piece has a story (an intention).  Maybe it’s my perception of control, or lack thereof, that compels me to draw upon unusual weather and extreme natural phenomena as my focus. Color and composition dominate my aesthetic yet, it’s the tiny details that create the deeper conversations.

We are all subjects of nature. Nature balances devastation with healing and life-giving; it restores horror with glory and beauty.  Through these observations I see myself. This is the divine language of the universe and the narrative I continue to draw upon.


Judith Maureen Brandon was born in Indianapolis, IN in 1963.

Her career started in Chagrin Falls, OH where she received her first of many awards from grade school through high school.  Judith still refers to skills she learned as very young artist in Chagrin Falls. “Everyone seemed to have a creative skill. I was taught to draw, whittle, make go carts, model planes, little tin soldiers and ride horses all from my neighbors. The dogs ran loose and all had a whistle they were called home to and us kids were much the same.”   

She attended the Cleveland Institute of Art where she earned a BFA in enameling and drawing. She has been awarded numerous Best in Shows across the country for her large dynamic drawings as well two Ohio Arts Council Grants. She was included three times in the highly competitive National Weather Biennale international juried exhibition.  Her work is on multiple book covers and publications most recently  2019 Book Cover (Swell); Leo Thibaud, Bay Windows, Bass River Press, MA

Upon meeting Judith Brandon you wouldn’t imagine her to be the artist behind the large dynamic works on paper she creates. Standing at just five feet she has to be extremely inventive and mindful at how she manipulates the massive boards and materials in her studio.